On the Issues - Philippe Bien-Aime for Miami-Dade County Commission

Philippe on the Issues

Support local business.

Philippe has seen firsthand how the pandemic has hurt locally owned small businesses. He’ll work to reinforce assistance and training programs offered by Miami-Dade County so that we can strengthen the local economy.

Partnerships with small businesses can help our community flourish.

Bring affordability to all.

Rent and home prices have skyrocketed, and unfortunately, wages have stayed low. We need to create policies that promote affordability for everyday services and necessities.

As we continue to develop Miami-Dade County, Philippe will prioritize affordable housing and community investments.

Improve transportation solutions.

People need to have confidence in their public and private transportation systems, and Miami-Dade County has failed in that promise. Constant construction makes roadways unsafe and slow traffic to a standstill. Development of our rail system has been slow and our bus logistics need to be revamped.

Philippe will work towards solutions that keep everyone connected and make it easier to traverse our beautiful county.

Assist those in need.

This pandemic has been difficult for everyone, and many people were struggling just to get by before COVID-19 hit. We need to support everyone in Miami-Dade County through forward-thinking city services that uplift and empower those in need.

As proven by his tenure as Mayor of North Miami, Philippe knows how to design and implement these programs for the benefit of all residents.

Guarantee a sustainable future.

Miami-Dade County is ground zero for the climate crisis. If we don’t work now to slow climate change, our residents will face ever-worsening flooding, home values will plummet, and people will lose their jobs.

Philippe is committed to sustainable development solutions and will fight for green policies across county departments.