Meet Philippe - Philippe Bien-Aime for Miami-Dade County Commission

Meet Philippe Bien Aime

Philippe Bien Aime knows what it means to pull himself up by his bootstraps.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Bien Aime grew up believing that he could do anything if he worked hard enough. He studied at the National University of Haiti, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Social Science. He completed a postgraduate program in Social Science and has professional certification in bookkeeping, taxation, and management.

In 1991, Bien Aime migrated to Canada briefly before settling in the United States. Upon his arrival, he found a job at the bottom of the ladder in the automobile industry and slowly worked his way up. He worked hard for 20 years and was able to climb the corporate ladder by virtue of his high-quality performance and magnetic personality. In 2006, Bien Aime followed his entrepreneurial dream of starting his own business, where he has had humble success.

Since 1999, Bien Aime has worked as a community advocate throughout South Florida, focusing on immigration-related issues. He serves on the United States Conference of Mayors and is an active member of the Haitain American Elected Officials Network, Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition, among other impactful organizations.

In 2013, Bien Aime’s political involvement naturally led to his candidacy for the North Miami City Commission. He handily won his first campaign and has been re-elected every cycle since. The people of North Miami appreciate that he approaches his public service through the eyes of a businessman and humanitarian.

His success on the City Commission led to calls for Bien Aime to run for Mayor of North Miami, and he won the mayoral race in 2019. As Mayor, Bien Aime has spearheaded several infrastructure improvement plans, affordable housing projects, tax reforms, and improvements to city services. He also made environmental protection a priority and made North Miami one of the first cities to ban the use of toxic pesticides on government land.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, Bien Aime led the effort to keep his city safe. Under his guidance, funding from the community redevelopment agency went to the residences and businesses who were most affected by the challenges of the pandemic. The city was able to keep infection rates relatively low by implementing scientific recommendations. He also led the effort to establish food banks for those who were economically impacted by the pandemic.

Everything Bien Aime has done in his life has been geared towards public service, and now, he’s running for the Miami-Dade County Commission to bring his expertise and kindness to the county government.

Bien Aime is a loving husband to Sara and proud father of Saphi, Philjae, and Terphil.